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Prodhan Beauty Care & Spa follows the ancient traditions in combination with approved wellness standards. We offer a holistic approach to relaxation, revitalization, beautification, treatment and rest.

prodhan beauty care & spa

With the wide range of opportunities offered by our complex and proven professionalism of our specialists we aim at giving you a healing experience that your senses crave for . We prepare an individual program for each client, involving precisely balanced procedures and luxurious spa treatments as we believe in the philosophy that only a healthy way of life tailored to the natural needs of the body can be full and happy . The specific natural factors such as clean air, fresh breeze from the mountains, ozonated spring water with healing properties contribute to your fruitful rest. Our main concern is to help you rediscover the harmony between your mind and body.

At Prodhan Beauty Care,our therapists have created a soothing oasis that embraces the six distinct, breathtaking seasons of Bangladesh. This tranquil setting is immersed in a philosophy of attuning the whole person to the rhythms and cycles of Earth.
Whether you are visiting us for the first time or are one of our loyal guests, it is or goal to make you feel like our only guest.


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