Prodhan House is proud to lead a productive and ongoing dialogue between its local design studio and the people who live here in Thiland.This is a fruitful conversation created by people who live here, for people who live here. This is our home. As a youthful company for fashion and lifestyle, we are committed to our values and provide our customers a unique and exciting experience in all areas of personal appearance and lifestyle. We see in this a commitment of respect and appreciation for our customers.

We already franchise our branch in Bangladesh too. Prodhan Fashion Collection represent a contemporary casual wear, has a unique red label with identity logo on every item which placed on hang tag. The high quality garments fabric guaranteed and great comfort and lasting durability in trend and harmonious color. Jorindo brand produce and design up to six collection in all seasons each year such as summer, winter, autumn and spring. The eye catching and appealing collection of ultra modern formals shows the combined efforts of mast designers from Europe, Thailand and China with a design laboratory rightly named as “Style Beyond Thoughts”. Together they styled these formals rigorously following the design philosophy of “the finish crowns the work”.


Prodhan Fashion aims to be recognized enterprise at an international level in the few coming years in the area of fashion, clothing and apparel design, accompanied by start of globalization. Also we are looking forward to do the best in all we do by providing the ultimate products and services for the uplifting of the quality of life.


Prodhan Fashion Mission is to continue our tradition of global leadership in high quality clothes and to commit ourselves to promoting universal ideals of community and service. We create products that make people feel stylish, comfortable and special. We aim at an integrative approach in designing and producing our products which focuses on innovation, advanced technological techniques and special attention to our customer’s needs and lifestyles.


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